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It pains me to look at the recent figures for youth wellbeing.  According to & NHS England: 

-The likelihood of Young People having a mental health problem has increased by 50%. 

-34% of those referred into NHS services are not accepted into treatment. 

-Children struggling with their mental health were twice as likely to miss school. 

Are you a parent who is worried about the wellbeing of your Young person?

The effect of insufficent support?

Getting the right support in crucial for us all. But especially Young People. Not getting enough support can lead to: 
-Mental health issues developing into more serious conditions. 
-Social isolation.
-Poor performance in school/work.
-Poor physical health.
-Increased risk of alcohol and substance misuse. 
-Increased risk of developing issues with Food.

How can I Help?

I offer tailored, person-centred 1-1 coaching for young people, and/or parents, to improve their well-being. This includes: 

  • Regular 1-1 Coaching sessions

  • Reporting on each session to review progress

  • Access to me Via WhatsApp. 

Youth Counseling

Topics I can help with include:

  • Substance/Alcohol issues

  • Unhealthy Habits and behaviours

  • Food issues

  • Youth Coaching

  • Schooling and Career outlook

  • Spirituality

  • Confidence

  • Purpose

  • And more!

My experience is:

  • Qualified coach through the association for coaching

  • 3 years Mentorship in 12-step recovery

  • Speaking in schools/colleges to thousands of young people across the country

  • 5 years sober from Alcohol and drugs

  • Retreat Faciliator with 'The CIP Project', training in shadow-work and breathwork. 

  • A leading media figure for Youth Mental health, featuring in campaigns that have reached up to 1 million people. 

Sessions are typically done Online over Video Call. 

Get in touch to Book a Free Introductory Session. 

Coaching Enquiries

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