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The full story

I grew up as a quiet, shy young boy. Without a father, and without a clear focus. 


Reaching his teenage years, I began using cannabis as a way to regulate my emotions. By the time he was 15, I was using and dealing class A drugs. 


For Haleem, the realisation that he had the power to change his reality, WAS the change to his reality.  

Today, Haleem delivers talks in schools, colleges and companies, sharing his story and coaches people to helping other’s change their reality too. He hosts his own podcast, and works as an actor, voiceover artist and filmmaker- which is something he loves to do. 


Haleem brings his lived experience and variety of creative outlets to every project he does, allowing him to find nuances and discover innovative ideas.

I work as a Filmmaker, Coach, Speaker and Artist. My aim is to use my lived experience, artistic and performance skills to make life less lonely. 

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